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Let’s put Health and Safety first

The health and safety of your people comes first.  That’s why our expert advisors will work with you to provide practical and sensible health and safety support that will work for your business, keep you compliant and look after your employees’ wellbeing.

Our people-first and common sense approach to health and safety means that you don’t have to worry about complex forms, reams of legislation and the threat of lawsuits. We’ll work with you to take away the burden and mitigate the risks, ensuring good and safe working practices and compliance with statutory health and safety requirements.

Our Retained Service Provides the Following Support Within a Low Monthly Fee:

We will review your documentation and operations and produce a Health and Safety Policy for your organisation that reflects your structure and operations and ensures that you are compliant at policy level. We will also review your working practices to identify where you require additional support to ensure you are working safely and in a compliant way at an operational level. We call this a work plan.


We are available during office hours to respond to any number of telephone and e-mail questions you may have regarding Health and Safety. Typically we work together with you to tackle the work plan identified at review stage, with specific support and assistance provided as questions or issues arise. 


We have a bank of templated documents that we can offer to cover your policy and operational needs. We will support and assist you with any questions or issues that arise in their production and will review completed documentation if required. 


We actively encourage our clients to keep us abreast of any visits or correspondence from HSE or other relevant bodies, as well as any major accidents that occur across the organisation. We will provide support and assistance as required in the investigation of any major accidents and in any dealings with HSE. 


We can act as your competent person under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999). This can offer an advantage to the client when dealing with the HSE or other bodies, as well as accreditation bodies when tendering for work. It also provides peace of mind that the client has somebody with the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience of Health and Safety  to provide the support and advice needed. 

We’re also here to support you with:

  • Carrying out fire risk assessments
  • Carrying out DSE (workstation) assessments
  • First Aid training
  • Food Safety
  • Legionella and other air and water testing

We have produced a webinar to highlight the basics which need to be covered when considering Health and Safety in your business – You can watch it here.

We also have a H&S Starter Pack on our webshop, which is a series of templated documents designed to support you in becoming safe and compliant. You can get it here.

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