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This is the option for you if you are ready for the support of an HR Manager in your organisation.

What you get from us:

  • HR Advice

    • You have a dedicated member of the HR team who is your main point of contact.
    • You get the support of our HR team by Teams/Zoom, telephone and by email.
  • Letters and Documents

    • We will provide advice and draft the relevant letters and documents for you.
    • If you need someone to do it for you, then this is the option for you.
    • You will also have access to our HR Document Library as part of this package.
  • Contracts

    • We will provide you with compliant contracts of employment templates.
    • As part of this retainer package we will review these annually.
  • Staff Handbook and Policies

    • We will provide you with a compliant handbook and policies.
    • As part of this retainer package we will review these annually.
  • Resolving Disputes (eg. Grievance & Disciplinary)

    • We provide support and advice and if you need assistance to conduct formal meetings, we will provide you with this support as part of this retainer package.

What is not included as part of this package?

As part of a compliant grievance or disciplinary process it is likely that there will need to be an investigation. We can guide you through this, but this is not part of the retainer. Depending on your organisation, you might have someone internal who could carry out the investigation process or alternatively we could provide you with this service at an additional cost.

Our contracts, handbook and policies are compliant and a lot of work has been put into getting them to where they are. However, they may not be written in the way you want your HR documents to be written or there might be some very sector specific policies that you need that are not included in our Essential List of Policies. We would be delighted to provide additional bespoke document services at an additional fee.

All our support is provided remotely for efficiency and cost effectiveness for you. There are times when you may require an HR Manager on-site for face to face meetings, hearings or consultations. You can always upgrade to this service.

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