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The Effective HRM team are delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to attend an #IamRemarkable workshop!


#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms.  All of this is with the purpose of changing social perceptions and refreshing the conversation around self-promotion. You can learn more at

In this interactive session, you will participate in group discussions and exercises to help you develop the confidence and skills to promote yourself in your workplace and personal life.

During the 90 min #IamRemarkable workshop we will:
●  Share data and research regarding self-promotion and unconscious bias
●  Go through the main exercise to help you articulate your achievements and practice self-promotion
●  Have a discussion and share take home exercises

The workshop will be led by Debbie Anderson and please be sure to have a pen and some paper handy because you will be spending some time in self-reflection.


We are running #IamRemarkable workshops on the following dates:

SEPTEMBER 15TH 2022 11:00-12:30 – Register Now

NOVEMBER 10TH 2022 – More Details to Follow

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