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‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all though the office

Not a creature was working

(Especially Boris)


The desktop screens

Were darkened and silent

On standby mode

(Fully HR compliant)


Security guards were

All working from home

Patrolling premises

From the screen of a phone


And industrial bins

Filled with empties galore

Were the clinking reminders

Of the parties before


Where John from accounts

Made a fatal faux pas

In thinking it funny

To ping Sandra’s bra


Which resulted in John

Spending time with the boss

And an HR consultant

Whose duty it was


To make sure that John

Understood all the lines

That sometimes get crossed

after too many wines


Or whiskeys or vodkas

Or gins or cold beers –

With his job on the line

Sheepish John was all ears


And Sandra was happy

That her complaint had been heard

Not ignored by a boss

Who doubted her word


The cheese and the wine

Were sold out in stores

For long business meetings

Behind No. 10’s doors


So farewell Twenty-Twenty-One

Your time’s nearly gone

And welcome Twenty-Twenty-Two

With (hopefully) no more Omicron

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