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We are your in-house HR Administration team!

There a few things we need to get set up. These will help us to deliver a seamless transfer of HR from in-house to your new outsourced HR Admin.

We will have access to your HR inbox, we will review and organise these e-mails to ensure that everything has been responded to or actioned.

We will access your HR documents. Having the ability to open a policy or review someone’s personnel file means that we can get straight on with telling you the best route to take to deal with any issues or situations. It also helps us to get to know your business

Each business operates in a way that is efficient and legally compliant for their industry. It may mean that when you are taking on a new starter, there are a number of steps that you need to take that another business may not need to. Having access to this information will help to ensure that the transition to our HR Admin team is smooth.

We will ask you to create an account for us to be able to log in to your system. This will enable us to process your HR Admin needs quicker. With HR Admin, we will be able to file things for you without you needing to get involved.

We will arrange an introductory meeting with you so you can meet your HR Admin team. In the meeting, we introduce you to each person in the team and explain their role. We also want to get to know you. Knowing you and building a good working relationship with you will help us all to work well together. We will give your managers all the guidance and support to do this themselves.

When we start off on this journey, we want you to be happy and confident that everything you need doing is done. Setting up a weekly meeting with you for the first 3 months will give us the opportunity to communicate frequently. Any niggles and issues can be ironed out during this stage.

We will ask you to send over your most recent handbook, template employment contracts, Policies, and any HR template letters you are using, for us to review. When we review these documents, we will make sure that they are legally up to date and compliant.

When the review takes place, we will track the suggested changes and add notes to the document to explain certain things or ask you questions. We will then send you the document and ask your permission to make these changes. If you agree, these will be done and the final version sent over to you. If you are unsure why we are suggesting and changes, please do ask. It’s your business and we want to do the best we can to assist you in making your business great.


For further information on how we can support you with your HR Admin needs, just get in touch!



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